Monday, June 24, 2013

Video Game Developer: A Useless Opportunity?

Image source: How stuff works?
As a game developer, I've been troubled by these questions: what can I do for the society? How can I serve my country? I think graduating from a state university gives me those kinds of challenge. My witty response: I am a tax payer. It seemed reasonable but the problem is, so does everyone else.  They might be sharing even greater taxes than me.  The worse part is they're not just tax payers but they're actually serving the country! How lame is that? That's why I thought of another excuse: we, the game developers, create possible sources of entertainment.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Grammar Police Seems To Lack Common Sense

I was browsing stumbleupon and I ended up on this site: If Liberals are more Intelligent than Conservatives, why are Liberals ridiculous sometimes? Sadly, psychologytoday seems down for now. Basically, it explains why sometimes ‘intelligent’ people act ridiculous. The author describes two ways of how we think. One is using general intelligence on which we think logically or academically. The other is emotional thinking or acting based on our gut feel; usually referred to as common sense. Based on the article’s explanation, an intelligent mind seems to override common sense with logic or academic thinking.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Movie Enthusiasts might have Better Imagination than Book Readers

Source: GeekDad
Relax. I'm not here to ruin the books' reputation. Just like you, I do enjoy reading but I'm also a movie enthusiast and the debate for which is better makes no sense to me. I'm still wondering why some book lovers can't take it if someone thinks or states that a movie is better than a book or vice versa. We can think about it like this: if someone preferred ice cream rather than a cake for dessert, would you get mad or think less of that person? You see, both movies and books are great sources of ideas and entertainment just like any sweets are good for dessert. It all depends on their content and how you absorbed it.