Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beginners' Guide for Creating an Audio Visual Presentation II

This serves as an example or elaboration of part 1.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using Windows Movie Maker.  It’s the most basic video editing software for me that’s why I chose this software to demonstrate the tips I discussed from my previous post.  Another thing that I want to point out; whenever it comes to creativity, we shouldn’t be limited by the tools we use.  For editing sounds; I chose Audacity because it’s free and so far, it’s the only audio editing tool I know.  Cheers!

Creating a Sound Track

Why start with the soundtrack? It’s easier to sync transitions and animations to the soundtrack rather than the other way around.  Good timing will give your presentation more impact especially if the soundtrack is fast.  For slow soundtracks, I think timing won’t be much of a deal but your choice of transitions and presentation flow should depend on your choice of music.

Audacity 2.0.2: For features, tutorials, and tips; you can view their wiki here

Beginners' Guide for Creating an Audio Visual Presentation

image source: Technology Personalized
When I was asked to host a video editing seminar, I said yes; I don’t have any idea on what to say yet but  I took it as a challenge.  Another reason is the fact that I am an alumnus of the organization that invited me: The UPLB Grange Association; as a former Publicity Committee Head (PubCom Head), I’m just returning the favor for helping me develop my video editing skills.

When I was the current PubCom Head, I’m already planning on having this sort of seminar. The problem with my idea is that I only focused on the new PubCom members. It is not even arranged formally so I only told my members to watch and learn from the tutorials in the internet.  After that, I gave them tasks and it turned out fine.