Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Fallacy of Leaving Your Comfort Zone

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There are a lot of sayings that tell us it’s better to leave our comfort zone.  They say it is necessary for growth and development.  It seems right especially with the “fact” that nothing is permanent except change. 

They have a lot of tips that they think can help you to leave your “box”.  Some of these are going on travels, meeting new set of people, breaking your routine; basically they try to tell you to try new or unusual things.

I accepted this advice until I realized that our lives’ purpose is null.  If we really do have just one shot in life, why should we go out of our comfort zones instead of enjoying it?

Before I sound like a complete party pooper, let's think about what, in the first place, a comfort zone is.  Basically, it is you doing what you are fond of.  It is you being wherever you want; doing whatever you want whenever you want.

This means that being at home doesn't necessarily mean that you are in your comfort zone.  If home is not fun for you, why call it a comfort zone? Why do you even call it home?

If you’re fund of traveling, then maybe that is your comfort zone.  If that is true and you're stuck at home, then you’re already “outside” your comfort zone.  How does that feel? How’s “growth and development” for you? Are you experiencing what they call the "real magic of life"?

If you're having the same experience like what I stated above, then I bet you're one of those who kept on hating Mondays.  You're one of those who think their job sucks.  You're one of those who seem to always hate everyone and everything around them.

I believe this is true because whenever I am "outside" my "comfort zone", everything sucks for me.  It keeps me wondering, "why did I ever get out"? I'm too busy hating everything that's why I failed to learn anything except for reminding myself to never get out again.

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It sounded stagnant but actually, it's not.  I told you it’s not necessary to go outside your comfort zone but I didn't tell you to stay wherever you are right now.  Well, you can stay as long as you want but it shouldn't stop you from trying new things.

You can try to find another comfort zone especially if you’re no longer comfortable with your so called comfort zone.  After finding a fresh comfort zone, you can either replace your current zone or better yet extend it.

To extend your comfort zone, it seems that you have to "get out" of your current zone.  Remember that our comfort zone is not a physical place; rather, it is a state where we feel secure or in control.

Trying new things doesn't necessarily mean that you are outside your comfort zone.  Think of it as a boat and you're the captain.  You can explore oceans but you have to be in your boat.  You can modify your boat or obtain a new one depending on your needs.  You can even have several boats suited for different expeditions.

What if you reached land? Then you just have to switch comfort zones: from boat to vehicle.  That vehicle can be your new comfort zone or an extension of your old one.  New, if you decided to stay on that island and acquire a new comfort zone for later explorations; extension, if you just want to explore the island for some time and later come back to your old boat and continue exploring the oceans.

I hope that now you can see why it is unnecessary to leave your comfort zone or comfort zones.  To make things better, maybe we should think of comfort zones as our peace instead of something that hinders our growth.

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