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A Simple Proposal to “Save the Planet”

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They keep on saying that our planet is dying and that we could prevent it from happening.  There’s a lot of approach regarding this issue.  Some are direct like planting trees, conserving water, and proper waste management.  Others need further explanations like reducing electric consumption and being vegetarian.

I want to focus on our clothing.  Clothing is considered one of our basic needs.  I think this is one of the reasons why it is popular on the market.  You need it; you must buy it.  It’s logical but here’s the problem: they ended the statement with buying it.  They did not mention anything about the quantity of clothes, pants and shoes to buy.

Yes, we need clothing but who needs 50 pieces of clothes, 60 pairs of pants or 100 pairs of shoes? Remember the reason why we buy clothes.  Is it because there’s a new design? Is it because you think your clothes are too old? Is it because your friends have new clothes? Is it because of a new semester or a new school year? For me, those reasons doesn't make any sense.

The valid reasons for me to buy new clothing are: the old ones don't fit anymore or because of being unwearable and beyond repair.  Another reason that I think is acceptable for needing new set of clothes: you don't have yet an appropriate clothing for an activity you have to attend.  Other than that, I won’t say its your need; I’d rather say its your luxury.

Please do tell me why would you need three pairs of leather shoes? Why would you need different sets of clothes for every party?  Why would you need different sets of Sunday dresses? For all I know, you don’t need those clothes.  You just want to brag about them.

These are common among celebrities.  It is known that they never wear an outfit more than once.  With that fact, I think they don’t have any right to promote ‘Green Movement’; unless they donate or remake their clothes but I think most of them do not.  They even have programs that let celebrities showcase their room full of clothes, pants and shoes.  So much for saving the planet.

You might ask, “What’s wrong with having a lot of clothes?”  You might also say that I’m just envy or insecure.  Here’s a question for you to think about, “Where did these clothes came from?”

“Less clothes might help on saving the planet but doesn't that mean you have to do washing more frequently? Aside from colors fading faster than usual, isn't detergents another set of pollutants? And I thought we have to conserve water?”  Well, yes but you don’t have to wash your clothes every now and then.  If you’re too concern about washing your clothes, here are some tips: 8 Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips and How to Make Dirty Clothes Smell Good Without Washing.

Same goes with other resources.  We need them but it doesn't mean that we have to acquire an excessive amount of them.  Reducing demands might result to better regulation of the consumption of the Earth thus "saving the planet".  This is my way of reducing my carbon footprint.  What's yours?


Masdan mo ang Kapaligiran
by Asin
English Translation by SongDiary and larangeles26
Wala ka bang napapansin sa iyong mga kapaligiran?
(Can't you notice anything in your environment?)
Kay dumi na ng hangin, pati na ang mga ilog natin.
(The air is so polluted; so are our rivers)

Hindi na masama ang pag-unlad
(Progress is not bad)
at malayu-layo na rin ang ating narating
(and we have gone a long way)
Ngunit masdan mo ang tubig sa dagat
(But look at the sea)
Dati'y kulay asul ngayo'y naging itim
(It used to be blue; now it's black)

Ang mga duming ating ikinalat sa hangin
(The dirt we spread in the air)
Sa langit huwag na nating paabutin
(Let's not allow it to reach heaven)
Upang kung tayo'y pumanaw man
(So when we die)
sariwang hangin sa langit natin matitikman
(We'll have fresh air in heaven)

Mayron lang akong hinihiling
(I just have one wish)
Sa aking pagpanaw sana ay tag-ulan
(I hope it’s raining on the day I die)
Gitara ko ay aking dadalhin
(I will bring my guitar)
Upang sa ulap na lang tayo magkantahan
(And above the clouds, we’ll continue singing)

Ang mga batang ngayon lang isinilang
(The children of today)
May hangin pa kayang matitikman?
(Will there still be fresh air for them to breathe?)
May mga puno pa kaya silang aakyatin
(Will there be trees for them to climb)
May mga ilog pa kayang lalanguyan?
(Will there be rivers for them to swim?)

Bakit di natin pagisipan
(Why don't we ponder about)
Ang nangyayari sa ating kapaligiran
(The current state of our environment?)
Hindi na masama ang pag-unlad
(Progress is not bad)
Kung hindi nakakasira ng kalikasan
(If it doesn't destroy nature)

Darating ang panahon
(Time will come)
Mga ibong gala ay wala nang madadapuan
(birds will have nowhere to perch on)
Masdan mo ang mga punong dati ay kay tatag
(Look at those trees; once firm and strong.)
Ngayo'y namamatay dahil sa 'ting kalokohan
(Now they're dying because of our foolishness)

Lahat ng bagay na narito sa lupa
(All things on earth)
Biyayang galing sa Diyos
(are blessings from God)
Kahit nong ika'y wala pa
(Even before we were born.)
Ingatan natin at 'wag nang sirain pa
(We must take care of it and prevent its further destruction)
Pagkat pag kanyang binawi, tayo'y mawawala na
(Because if He takes it back, we too will all be gone)

Mayron lang akong hinihiling
(I just have one wish)
Sa aking pagpanaw sana ay tag-ulan
(I hope it’s raining on the day I die)
Gitara ko ay aking dadalhin
(I will bring my guitar)
Upang sa ulap na lang tayo magkantahan
(And above the clouds, we’ll continue singing)


What Is the Green Movement?

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