Thursday, September 12, 2013

Afterlife: Heaven, Hell, Reincarnation and the Cease of Existence

source: Facebook Post
This post is the reason why I started asking about the forgiveness and perfection of the Christian God.  If God is forgiving, why would He condemn all sinners to Hell? They say the answer is in the Bible but I’m still looking for it.  Suppose I found an answer, how can I be sure that it is true?  Christian beliefs are deeply rooted in the Bible and they say that questioning it is like questioning the history.  What’s wrong with questioning history? 

It’s possible that the Bible is not the ultimate book of moral.  Take the Christian crusades as an example.  They kill in the name of God.  What kind of excuse is that? Though some says that most of these crusaders are not Christian; it’s still questionable.  That’s one point for questioning history.  Let’s have an example closer to my home, Spaniards’ invading the Philippines.  As they force Christianity here, God knows what they did to the natives.  That’s at least 300 years of history.

Another answer I got: just accept Jesus Christ with all your heart.  It doesn’t make any sense.  Didn’t that mean God is not forgiving? Unless I do what He wants, I won’t be forgiven?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Academics: What did You Get from Being on Top?

image source: Washtenaw Community College
It’s been years since we graduated from high school.  One time at a small gathering, my friends asked me what did I get from being in the first section during high school.  I smiled.  I cannot think of an answer.  They asked me again but still, nothing.

They paused for a while and then switched to a new topic.  I asked myself, why can’t I give them a response?  There could be something but for that moment, I can’t think of a good answer.  Fame? Pride? Self fulfillment? Recognition? Money? These things can be achieved by students from other sections; even those who didn’t receive any academic awards or honor.  They could even surpass any achievement done by those students with honors.

On my way home until the following day, I’m still pondering about that question and still got no answers.  Suddenly I thought: maybe, the reason why I can’t find an answer is because being on top is already the answer! I think the question shouldn’t be what did I get; maybe it should be, why did I got there or why did I tried my best to stay there.