Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life’s Purpose is Null

Photo from: Pleasurable Weight Loss
Today, we wake up; we eat; we drink; we go to school; we go to work; we go shopping; we go home; we watch tv; we surf the net; then we sleep.  Repeat this everyday with some variations like watching movies, playing sports, going on trips and that’s it.  We keep on struggling, hoping to experience tomorrow or at least finish the day but for what purpose?

I reflected on this idea and concluded that life has no purpose.  We do the things we do and then what? We invent things; we solve problems, but then what? We try our best to survive or to adapt but for what? We fall in love but end up hurting them or ourselves, so why fall in love in the first place? Even after we die, we leave legacies like our children or our works but why is it significant? We keep on advancing but towards where? In the end of time, everything will perish so why bother to struggle?